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Lorraine Walchester


Lorraine Walchester is the Principle Owner and Head Agility Trainer of Staffs Agility School.  The school was founded in 1999 and offers classes based at Cheadle Equestrian Centre.

It all started over 25 years ago with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Jess.  Lorraine originally took her dog to obedience classes but Jess had other ideas.  It was suggested that they might like to try agility.  The pair went from strength to strength with Lorraine and Jess qualifying for Crufts every year between 1992 and 1996 and also 3rd at Olympia in 199? and 2nd in Mini Maxi.

Since Jess there have been a succession of award winning agility dogs.  Phen, a Border Collie acheived grade 6 but had a spinal injury at the age of 5 which ended her career although she went on to live to the age of 14.  Ash, a tri-coloured Border Collie achieved grade 7 and Ice, a red and white Border Collie achieved grade 6, winning the Pedigree Gamblers final and qualifying for Crufts in the Mini Maxi pairs.  Lace got 2nd in Novice Dog of the year 2010, losing by just one point and qualifyied for the Adams Derby, Dog Vegas and Olympia finals.  She then returned to Olympia for the final again in 2013.

Lorraine is a self taught professional agility trainer.  She formed Staffs Agility School so that she could convey her considerable skills to others.  She has over 25 years competitive agility experience and has extensive knowledge in dog handling.  The school follows Lorraine’s mantra and trains handlers and dogs on an individual basis.

Anyone competing at Chatsworth in the agility will notice there is a special class which Lorraine started and which runs every year.

Lorraine has also been judging since August 1997.